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Clearview 650 with low canopy multi-fuel stove

Traditional Stoves featuring classic stove designs with exceptional heat efficiency.

pictured Clearview 650 with low canopy stove

Clearview Stoves

Clearview Vision 500 low canopy

Clearview our best selling stoves. Exceptional build quality high fuel efficiency. Stoves from 5kW to 14kW in a range of configurations.

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pictured Clearview Vision 500 low canopy

180x120 Clearview Pioneer 400 multi-fuel stove compact & attractive, 36 cm deep & 46 cm wide making it very easy to position, generous areas of glass, without losing efficiency in the firebox.
180x120 Clearview 750 multi-fuel stove Largest stove in the Clearview range with a 14kW heat output ideal for large houses & farm houses throughout Yorkshire, an exceptional stove.


Loxton 10

Mendip Stoves are manufacturers of high quality, well designed, wood burning and multi fuel stoves with a wide range covering traditional and contemporary styling’s there is something to suit any taste.

pictured Mendip Woodland 5kW

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The Churchill 6 is a highly efficient multi fuel stove, its cast iron grate, insulated chamber and triple air supply make sure that whatever fuel you are burning your getting the most out of it.


Mendip Loxton 5 Perfect for the smaller rooms, suitable for installation in timber framed buildings due to low distance to combustible walls.

Woodwarm Stoves

Woodwarm Fireview 6kW Double Sided Double Depth

Woodwarm innovation, attention to detail & real craftsmanship, including the Fireview, Fireview Double Sided & Slender range of stoves.

pictured Fireview-6kW-Double-Sided-Double-Depth

180x120Woodwarm Fireview Slender 7kW developed for large spaces, but where a lower output is needed, but still retaining the unique cleanburn airwash system.
180x120 The Phoenix FireGem 5kW is a slender version of the FireBlaze. An ideal stove to fit in shallow fireplaces for less protrusion into the room.

Chilli Penguin Stove

Chilli Penguin 8kW

Chilli Penguin Stoves effective air wash and clean burn systems. All stoves meet current UK and EU standards, DEFRA tested & suitable to burn in smoke control area.

pictured Chilli Penguin 8


The Fat Penguin all the features of the Hungry Penguin, it will warm you, feed you & make you a brew, side convection panels make it wider. 5kW but this is a bigger, bolder looking penguin.


The Short Penguin is available in two models, two door & single door. The second door on the two door model is a separate ash door. It is also available with or without a plinth.

Burley - Fireball Range


Burley Fireball range developed & manufactured in the UK, great fuel efficiency & clean burning made possible with the patented Fireball method of introducing air.

pictured Burley Wakerley 12kW


Burley Hollywell 9105 - 89.1% efficiency, 5KW, Black, Multi fuel option, DEFRA approved. With optional cover plate.


The Burley Debdale 4kW 9104 4KW nominal output, Black, Multi fuel option, DEFRA approved. With optional cover plate.


Stovax Stockton 5

Stovax wood burning & multi fuel stoves use the latest combustion technologies to produce maximum heat output from the fuel, make the fires quick to start, easy to maintain and even keep the glass cleaner for longer.

pictured Stovax Stockton 5


Stovax Stockton 3 The mini stove of the Stockton range is designed to fit into a standard 22" (560mm) high x 16" (405mm) wide British fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed.


Stovax Stockton 4 Available in both wood-burning and multi-fuel versions, the Stockton 4 is one of Stovax's popular models. With its slim, vertical alignment it is ideally suited to smaller rooms.