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Stoves by Type

Inset stoves:: Contura, Clearview or Woodwarm Villager Aarrow Contura Contura I4 Stovax

Double sided stoves: Woodwarm have one of the top ranges of Double sided stoves and Villager also have a model. For a more contemporary built-in look try

Narrow Stoves: Where there is limited depth we would primarily recommend the Woodwarm Slender, which is a high performance slim bodied stove.

Stoves for Cabins, Yurts & Canal Boats. These include stoves that can work in small spaces for a range of projects from summer houses and sheds to boats, tents and Yurts. We can also provide chimney & flue parts for custom fitting into unusual spaces.

Chilli Penguin

Stoves approved for use in Smokeless Zones: An approved stove in this category means it is approved to burn wood in a Smokeless Zone. No stoves are approved to burn coal in a smokeless zone, but any stove can be used if approved smokeless fuels are used and we can supply processed wood that is certified smokeless. Unfortunately no stoves with boilers are approved under the scheme.


Clearview Most (call for advice)

Contura Most

Aga Little Wenlock Classic

Dovre Vintage 30, 35, 50

Carron Most

Burley Most 35, 50

Stoves with boilers: Generally, we would advise against fitting a stove with a boiler, as the stove will run a lot less efficiently. A higher operating temperature is needed for efficient burning and this is very difficult due to the relatively cool water jacket inside the stove. However, there are instances where heating water makes sense. It is a complicated topic that we will be happy to discuss with you, as well as alternative ways of heating water with wood or other biomass products. Stoves with boilers are almost entirely confined to traditional styles. Clearview, Aarrow Stratford or Woodwarm but most of the other UK manufacturers do produce stoves with boilers.

Cooking ranges: Lohberger, Esse, Wamsler. All these manufacturer's have models that heat water if required. The Lohberger is fully automatic and will run on both logs and pellets.

Biomass boilers: We are dealers for Classic Boilers however we also sell a number of other biomass boilers including   MCZ  and   Central Boilers . In addition, the government has introduced the   Renewable Heat Incentive which could give you significant annual payments for fitting a biomass boiler. Find out more on our Just Renewable Energy website

Hybrid stoves and open fires: We refer to a hybrid stove as one which is designed to be used with the doors closed and as an open fire. Nordpeis produce traditional styled hybrid fires.

Relining of a Chimney: Customers often ask why it is recommended to line a chimney when it works already. We have produced several informational leaflets which help explain why lining is a good idea: Fitting a stove to a unlined chimney, & Stainless steel lining specifications.

Chimney systems: If you need to construct a new chimney or flue (which are different terms for the same thing), we can supply a number of high quality products to suit different situations. When constructing a chimney for a stove, it is very important to make sure it is correctly designed and constructed to get optimum performance. Where a stove is concerned, flue gas temperature is an important factor to consider as a stove transmits very little heat into the chimney. It is very important to ensure the flue diameter is correct and the flue is insulated to ensure a high flue-gas temperature. We offer flue design as part of our service.

Pre-fabricated steel chimneys: These systems have a number of advantages; they do not need planning permission, take up very little space, are very light and do not require foundations. This really makes a difference where there are bends required in the flue. We use the DINAK system which is probably the best system available, it is properly tested, has a huge variety of components and unique finishing fixings so the end product looks smart and neat. The system also has the advantage of being able to have up to 3 metres freestanding from a roof without further support. We can also provide a false chimney stack to cover the exposed flue section and this can be done in your own facing bricks or stone if you wish.

Pumice chimney systems: We are dealers in Yorkshire for Isokern which is highly recommended for traditionally styled chimneys. The Isokern is manufactured from pumice which is a lightweight fireproof material quarried from the edge of volcanoes. It is an excellent insulator, gives superb performance and is fast and simple to build.

Supply and storage of fuel: Burning wood with a low moisture content (ideally 20-25% moisture) is essential to achieve high output, low fuel usage, low emissions and low tar production. Our leaflet  “wood as a fuel” will give you a better understanding of buying, storing and handling of logs. We supply dry fuel ready to burn from our shop in Harrogate, where you can pick fuel by the bag or arrange for delivery by the pallet. Wood Fuel price list. We also supply a range of log stores flat packed, for storing and seasoning your wood.

We also supply and fit the following products;

Gas stoves: From Gazco, Franco Belge, Esse

Gas fires: From Gazco, Valor, Flavel, Yeoman, &

Fireplaces: From The Gallery Collection - Fireplaces, Stoves and fire baskets, Fires & Suites

Electric Stoves and Fires: Dimplex, Burley, Yeoman Valor

Beams: Oak by Design - Based in Harrogate