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Stoves by Type

Inset stoves:

180x120 Stovax Riva™ Inset wood burning and multi-fuel fire range available in 6 different sizes, offering great possibilities for interiors of all proportions. The perfect blend of versatility and style. Stovax
180x120 Clearview Vision Inset Wood Stove 5kW The Clearview Vision inset stove is a multi fuel stove that can be installed in a standard fireplace opening where the hearth depth is limited. Clearview
180x120 Contura i7 multi-fuel stove The Contura i7 is the cassette model of the 300 series. The i7 allows you to customise your fireplace exactly as you want it. Contura
180x120 The Christon 550 Inset is ideal for placing at ground level and fitted on a hearth, or set higher into the wall for a modern look. Giving a great view of the fire. Mendip Christon 550

Double sided stoves:

180x120 Stovax Studio Duplex The Studio Duplex is the first double-sided inset wood burning fire to be introduced into the Studio range. Offering the ultimate in versatility. Studio Duplex
180x120 Woodwarm Fireview Double Single 6kW with a door on both sides for a fantastic view of the fire from either side. A very popular stove, a real focal point and a fantastic feature to any combination of rooms. Fireview Double Single 6kW
180x120 Stuv 21 Double-sided In the double-sided Stuv 21 with retractable widows on both sides, you can install the stove between two rooms and enjoy the view of the fire from either side. Stuv 21
180x120 Mendip Loxton 8 Double Sided With an all new combustion chamber the Loxton Double sided woodburner can heat two rooms with ease. Loxton 8 Double Sided

Narrow Stoves:

Stoves for Cabins, Yurts & Canal Boats:

Stoves with boilers:

Gas / Electric stoves: